Programming Assignments

There will be four programming assignments that include developing CAGD application based on CAGD Kit framework:

  • Programming Environment: Windows, CAGD Library.
  • Submission: In pairs.
  • Grading: By frontal presentation. Grading of labs will also be based on questions the students will be asked during the presentations. Be prepared to explain your doing.
  • Supported:
    –  Zipped CAGD and Demo files, (VS2012 version) . This version is the original C kit with a demo that demonstrates its use and capabilities. There is also a VS2017 version and a VS2019 version.
  • Unsupported: For those who favor Java or MFC
    –  A C++/MFC wrapper of the CAGD kit (written by Guy Sela) – CAGD kit in MFC  2017 or 2019.
  • Labs will be judged only by results and performance regardless of the language they have been written in.

Home Assignments

There will also be two written overnight home assignments that will include all the material of all the lectures and practice classes, including graduate student lectures.
Submission: Singletons.

Grading Policy

  • Mandatory laboratories: 25% (takef)
  • The laboratories are with the percentages of: 10%, 15% , 15%, 10% (the bold are mandatory)
  • Two home exams’ assignments: from 50% and upto 75%, depending on the optional labs
  • Late handin of labs will cost 10 points per day. No late handin of home assignments will be accepted
  • Each of the two home assignments is of equal weight. The average of the home assignments must be passing grade of 55%
  • Graduate students: all the above will be 85% of the final grade, and the presentation (see below) will be 15%.

Presentations of Graduate Students

Graduate students will be required to present a topic for 60 minutes, toward the end of the semester. This presentation will be 15% of their total grade. The topic for the assignment should be selected until 31/05/2023.

Course Textbooks

The lectures will be based on the book titled “Geometric Modeling with Splines” by Elaine Cohen, Rich Riesenfeld and Gershon Elber. Three copies of the book are in the CS library. Several useful books (no need to buy them) are:

  • “Curves and Surfaces for Computer Aided Geometric Design”, G. Farin. Academic Press, Inc. Second Edition 1990
  • “Fundamentals of Computer Aided Geometric Design”, J. Hostchek and D. Lasser. English Translation A K Peters 1993
  • “An Introduction to Splines for Use in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling”, R. Bartels, J. Beatty and B. Barsky. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1987
  • “Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces”, M. P. DoCarmo. Prentice-Hall 1976