Hall of Fame

Students previous work in Lab 4:

Models 2014

Electric Guitar
Created by: Alon & Shai Zelman|download model

Models 2013

Lego Cowboy
Created by: Roey David and Iddo Zmiri|download model

Models 2011

Created by: Yanir Damti

Models 2010

Created by: Eyal Posener and Osnat Ordan|download model
Chess Set
Created by: Adam Levi and Marina Skarabovsky|download model
Bottle Opener
Created by: Guy Moses and Yehuda Reuven|download model
Sword of Katana
Created by: Ori Ziv and Ohr Goldstein|download model

Models 2004

Created by: Shpinner Yanai and Artyom Sharov|download model

Models 1997

A Bug
Created by: Raz Mansherov and Ronen Zohar|download model
A Mobile Phone
Created by: Fabian Benichou & Gustavo Halperin.|download model
A Hole Puncher
Created by: Shai Lavie and Lior David|download model
A Comfortable Toilet Pan
Created by: Yevgeni Valkovits and Anatoli Kushnir|download model
Created by: Boris Kronrod|download model
A Classic Guitar
Created by: Dmitry Pechyony and Alexander Bogomjakov|download model
A T62 Tank
Created by: Gil Zigelman & Ehud Garmiza|download model
A Chopper
Created by: Dorian Averbuch|download model

Models 1996

Electric Fan on the "Table of Vienna"
Created by: Uriel Cohen and Yaniv Frishman|download model
Wall Clock
Created by: Avi and Eli|download model
Star Ship "Enterprise"
Created by: Noah Klein and Alex Krits|download model
Japanese Knife
Created by: Erez Louidor and Ido Tal|download model
Jewelry Box
Created by: Makbily Yohai and Gerlitz Or|download model
Formular1 Sport Car
Created by: Adi Bar-Lev and Alon Raviv|download model

Models 1995

A Baloon
Created by: Efron Alex|download model
Gillete Shaver
Created by: Surazski Vitali and Marhervaks Vadim|download model
Created by: Unknown|download model
Electric Teapot
Created by: Unknown|download model
Created by: Engelhard Guy|download model
Created by: Gontmacher Alex and Samoilov Tanja|download model
Wall Lamp
Created by: Rabinovich Boris|download model

Models 1994

Toy Airplane
Created by: Shitzevalov Irit and Tebelev Olga|download model
Cobra Serpent
Created by: Epelman Boris|download model
ATV Tractaron
Created by: Cohen Zvi and Yahav Eran|download model
SGI Indy Display
Created by: Vainbrand Leonid|download model
Bulb Lamp
Created by: Livshin Michael|download model
A Hammer
Created by: Fainshtein Dani|download model
SGI Indy Camera
Created by: Bassarab Dmitri and Mark|download model

A Phone Handle
Created by: Unknown|download model
A Tea Cup
Created by: Kliot Michael|download model
Ka-50 Helicopter
Created by: Shitzevalov Irit and Tebelev Olga|download model