Week 1

Representations Issues (Explicit / Implicit / Parametric)  chapter2.pdf

Week 2

Differential Geometry of Space Curves  chapter4.pdf

Week 3

Differential Geometry of Space Curves chapter4.pdf

Lab 1. Use the expr2tree parser to parse the data fies

Week 4

Bezier Curves and Bernstein Approximation  I chapter5.pdf

Lab 4. Previous examples 

Week 5

Bezier Curves and Bernstein Approximation I chapter5.pdf

Week 6

B-spline Curves I chapter6.pdf

Week 7

B-spline Curves I chapter7.pdf  I chapter8.pdf

Week 8

Differential  Geometry of Surfaces I chapter12.pdf

Week 9

Differential  Geometry of Surfaces I chapter12.pdf

Week 10

Tensor Product Surfaces  I chapter13.pdf

Week 11-13

Advances topics – Subdivision/Refinement/Contemporary research